Up to one third of Americans feel the toll of poor blood circulation.[1] Their hands and feet feel cold and clammy. Their muscles feel stiff. They go through their days feeling like they woke up on the wrong side of the bed and can’t shake it off.

So it's no wonder why circulation supplements have exploded in popularity. This spike in demand has flooded the market with hundreds of supplements promising greater energy, clarity, and strength.

A quality circulation supplement helps blood travel easily through the veins. This allows your body to keep your blood warm, deliver oxygen to your muscles and organs, and sustain mental clarity. [2]

However, picking the right blood circulation supplement can be difficult. To help you along, Smarter Reviews analyzed hundreds of blood circulation supplements, breaking down what to look for — and what to avoid — in this guide.

What Causes Poor Blood Circulation?

To improve poor circulation, a supplement must address its root cause: high blood sugar.

When you eat, your body digests food into essential, energy-producing nutrients and releases them into your bloodstream so they can feed your cells. Glucose, otherwise known as blood sugar, is one of the main ingredients your body needs to generate energy.

New studies suggest that foods Americans eat often result in too much glucose entering the bloodstream at once.[3][4] This blood sugar spike shocks your veins, causing them to shrink. As a result, not as much blood can get through your veins — leading to chills, stiffness, and brain fog.

Why Just Increasing Blood Flow Isn't Enough

Blood circulation supplements that provide lasting warmth, strength, and clarity must support three things: blood flow, pressure, and sugar. Most supplements only address the first two, leaving out blood sugar. This is because these supplements were made to boost athletic performance

Though performance circulation supplements may provide a brief improvement in blood circulation, they don’t address the blood sugar issue. As a result, even when taking one, your veins may still shrink after a meal, defeating the purpose of the supplement. 

To really improve blood circulation, blood sugar support is essential.

What to Look for in a Blood Circulation Supplement


Cinnamon bark contains two types of compounds: water-soluble and fat-soluble. The water-soluble compounds may protect your circulation by reducing blood sugar spikes. They can also open up your blood vessels, helping blood move smoothly through your veins. Whereas, the fat-soluble compounds in cinnamon bark don’t help your circulation. 

That’s why we recommend looking for a clinically studied, water-soluble cinnamon extract like Cinsulin® or Cinnulin PF®, with a dosage of at least 500 mg.[5]

Berberine Bark Extract

Berberine bark extract helps clear blockage from your veins for improved blood flow. This allows for better circulation, bringing comfort to your hands and feet. Berberine extract may also improve blood flow to the brain, improving mental sharpness.[6]


Chromium helps your blood pressure stay regular even when processing lots of blood sugar. Maintaining balanced blood pressure helps blood move freely through your veins, increasing circulation throughout the body.[7]

Lion’s Mane

Recent evidence indicates that this rare mushroom helps reduce the strain pumping blood puts on your heart, improving your energy levels throughout the day. Lion’s Mane may also relax your blood vessels, increasing oxygen distribution for greater muscular flexibility.[8]

What to Avoid in a Blood Circulation Supplement

  • Ingredients That Raise Blood Pressure

    Ingredients like ginseng and green tea extract can increase your blood pressure while placing added strain on your heart.[9] Some supplement manufacturers include them because they may increase your body temperature, making it feel like improved circulation. Don’t be fooled. 

    Magnesium Stearate

    This cheap filler helps in the manufacturing process but provides no nutritional value. Worse, it may even become toxic to your body.[10]

Your Definitive Blood Circulation Supplement Checklist

A good blood circulation supplement follows the guidelines we’ve set so far, but a truly great one also adheres to these three. 

Clinically Studied Ingredients

Supplements tend to make bold claims. Make sure they can back them up by looking for clinically studied ingredients. Many blood circulation supplements contain cinnamon bark extract, for example, but only those that have gone through a special water extraction process are clinically proven to work.

Correct Dosages

To warm cold hands and clear brain fog quickly, ensure your circulation supplement is using ingredients in correct quantities. Too low a dosage, and the supplement will be ineffective. That’s why we recommend a dosage of at least 500 mg of cinnamon bark extract.

Money-Back Guarantee

A 100% money-back guarantee demonstrates that a brand has faith in its supplement and provides you more value. Look for brands that offer at least a 90-day money-back guarantee.

Top 5 Blood Glucose Supplements Of 2021

Using these strict criteria, Smarter Reviews sifted through hundreds of blood circulation supplements, narrowing them down to the five absolute best.