Product Review: Whitenicious by Dencia Skin Care

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A healthy skin is a clear indication of a healthy lifestyle and a young age. As we get older, our skin is among the first organ that shows signs of ageing and we need to do something to restore its glory.

That is where skin-whitening creams come in. In this review, we are going to take an honest look at this skin Whitening, Cream Whitenicious by Dencia.

We will look at its ingredients to find out what makes it one of the best skin care products. et the best results from it.

Formula & Ingredients

Whitenicious contains several natural ingredients that make it stand out as soothing whitening cream without any side effects. They are all natural occurring or artificial but derived from natural compounds. That means that you will not experience any allergies when using this cream. It may be slow acting but you will never have to deal with nasty reactions when you stop using it. It targets women of color to help them care for their skin in a way that other products cannot not.

Vitamin E
This is the main ingredient of Whitenicious that acts to keep the user's skin healthy and strong. Vitamin E occurs naturally and is known to keep the skin looking healthy as well as strengthening the immune system. Since its fat soluble, it can be applied topically on the skin and get absorbed into the skin with ease. As we age, the presence of vitamin E in the skin cells drops. That leads to the skin becoming less elastic and wrinkles start to appear. By applying the Whitenicious cream, you boost the levels of vitamin E in your skin and with time, it not only lightens, but it also becomes more elastic.

Vitamin C
Lack of vitamin C leads to scurvy, which is a skin condition that is characterized by dry and cracked skin. The Whitenicious contain lost of this water-soluble vitamin to help you restore the balance of vitamin C in your skin. That makes it easy for the skin to regain its healthy firm look by increasing the rate of cell regeneration.

Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice
This is a natural ingredient has been used for a long time because of its wound healing effect. That effect translates to a healthy skin because it generally helps wounds to heal by sterilizing them. Its antifungal and antibacterial properties help your skin to regenerate with ease and faster. The skin is the body's first line of defense against infections. That means that a considerable amount of its energy is spent in the defense mechanism. As we age, we need to help it perform its functions better by supplying it with agents that enhance its functions. That is what the above ingredient does.

Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) Oil
The above ingredient is an excellent moisturizer and helps to fights diseases such eczema. It is rich in vitamin E, which means that it boosts what you the whitening cream have already given you. Because coconut oil has a moisturizing effect, it keeps the skin moist long enough for the vitamins to get absorbed into the skin. The coconut oil is also an antioxidant that helps your skin to fight free radicals. The free radicals are ionized atoms that harm the skin cells and can cause skin cancer if left unchecked.

Emulsifying Wax NF
The emulsifying wax does not act on the skin by what it does is that it provides a stable environment for the other ingredients to act. It provides the protection that the wax on leaves give to plant. It simply locks in the skin's moisture for a while and holds the other ingredients in place for them to be absorbed into the skin. It also binds oil and water together to help the skin tap from the ingredients dissolved in them.

This ingredient helps to trap moisture in the skin, imparts relief to dehydrated skin, and soothes sensitive skin. Overall, it offers a protective covering to the skin and is particularly helpful to vey dry skin. It occurs naturally and has no side effects on all types of skin.

This ingredient acts slowly to whiten the skin by slowing down the production of melanin. It is best suited to colored skins because of the progressive inhibition but slow action it has on the melanin productions process. It also has antioxidant properties that help to fight free radicals. It is important to know that the presence of free radicals prompts the increase in the production of melanin. By fighting free radicals, the high levels of melanin can be managed in some skin types.

● Whitenicious is easy to apply.
● It does not have any side effects
● Whitenicious is designed to help women of color get a fair skin.
● It is well priced for it gentleness.
● You can stop using it at any time without experience adverse skin effects.
● It's a skin supplement, you do not need any prescription.

● It does not act fast as to cause skin bleaching.
● You will pay more for its gentleness on your skin.

Final Thoughts

Whitenicious by Dencia is a great skin supplement that has a formula designed to be gentle on your skin.

Unlike other skin care products that harm your skin by using highly potent ingredients to speed up skin whitening processes, Whitenicious lightens your skin by dealing with factors that make it to darken in the first place.

It also works to make your skin healthier again by giving it a more firm look. Overall, it’s a great skin care supplement is effective and contains a blend of natural and artificial compounds.


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