It's not always easy to feed your children a diet that contains all the nutrient-rich and gut healthy foods that they need. Imbalanced diets in children can lead to various symptoms, discomforts, and ailments like diarrhea, constipation, nausea, mood swings, and even colds*. There are many quick fixes to these problems but for longevity of health for you and your children, it is important to get down to the root and seek preventative action.

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Your Child's Flora & Fauna

Probiotics aid the digestion of foods, metabolism of vitamins, and development of the immune system in children and adults. Supplementation of probiotics may also prevent against upper respiratory tract infections. Adding probiotics to your child's diet can also help make a difference in their eating habits. Along with improved dietary consumption of probiotics, like whole-grains, fruits and vegetables, supplementation can help your child get on the right track*.

Children who are taking or need to take an antibiotic to fight infection will benefit from the added boost in probiotics. Antibiotics are harsh on our guts, especially that of young children. Probiotics helps return the gut and intestinal digestion to a much more balanced state. This may prevent or aid antibiotic-associated diarrhea*.

Gut to Brain Connection

On going studies are attempting to the prove the importance of probiotics on the brain health of your child. Balancing a child's digestive system may seem like an impossible task but it can make the difference between a child that may develop autistic-like symptoms and ADHD. More good bacteria in the gut increases digestive functioning, improves the immune system, and regulates bowel movements*.

The Daily Boost

Choosing the right probiotic supplement for your child can make the difference from having a positive experience to having a negative one. Health professionals deem lactobacillus rhamnosus and saccharomyces boulardii to be the most effective strains found in probiotics. These particular strains of bacteria should be listed on the label of the potential supplement you will give to your child. Other guidelines to consider include choosing a supplement that has a vegetarian capsule that is designed to resist stomach acid. Also a quality probiotic supplement will be all natural supplement with no synthetic fillers or binders.

Understanding the importance of keeping your system balanced should start at a young age. Your child may need probiotics and with improved formulations specifically designed for children, even the pickiest of eaters may have a chance at regularity, improved mood and improved immune system. Best of all, less stomach troubles*.

Probiotics For Kids With Highest Reviews Here