What Smarter Reviews is All About

Are you a smarter shopper? We bet you are.

In fact, we bet you're tired of reading salesy ads that promise you the world, but end up giving you crappy products that don't actually work. We know you don't have the money or time to waste finding out which products work and which do not. That's why we started Smarter Reviews, to hear from smarter shoppers just like you. (We know, cheesy, but it's true.)

Wouldn't you rather hear directly from the real people who actually use the things you're trying to buy? This site is review certified, meaning each and every review comes from a smarter shopper just like you.

Smarter Reviews only works when smarter shoppers, like yourself, share your experiences with different products. Please be sure to vote because these reviews will not only help other smart shoppers but they will help us decide top products for each category.

Here's how you can get involved:

  1. When you try a new product email your review to Products@Smarter-Reviews.com
  2. Find products you've tried on Smarter-Reviews.com
  3. Vote for these products between 1-5 stars overall
  4. Mention us on Facebook or Twitter with your product reviews

First, we aggregate shopper reviews from all of our smarter shoppers and from around the web. Then, we put them into a list of the top products in a variety of categories. This helps you easily learn the complete truth, directly from other shoppers. Making you the smartest shopper you can be.

For months we've worked hard to collect reviews from our smarter shoppers and from around the web in preparation for the launch of Smarter Reviews. We're so proud to be able to provide you with the truth about a variety of products from around the web. Our database of reviews will continue to grow.