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Hair Fibers 101: A Realistic Look at Hair Filler Fibers

Hair Filler Fibers can offer both satisfaction to the user, and a thickening of existing hair strands that stands out with every use, and fortifies hair—so that you look your absolute best when out in the world.

Many men are out there looking for a quick, affordable solution that will make the appearance of their hair look full and healthy, so that they can feel more confident. The great thing about hair fibers is that they quite literally "fill" that need perfectly.

In the past three years hair fibers have been gaining nationwide popularity as a fast, reliable option to the common need to promote hair thickness, fullness, and shine. As the demand for it grows bigger and bigger, we set out on a mission to find the best hair fibers available on the market today.

Is it only for men? Absolutely not. Women can also enhance the fullness and thickness of their hair growth with a sprinkle of this game-changing product.

Natural Fibers for Natural-Looking Hair

There is a lot of science behind hair fibers, which is the reason why some tend to look more natural than others.

Hair fibers made from keratin are considered to be a higher quality then those made from other sources. If you look at a hair fiber through a microscope, you'll find that it is made mostly from a keratin proteina material that closely resembles human hair.

Your hair is made from keratin as well, and these type of products are biologically close enough so that the fibers look as natural as possible, and are safe to use on the scalp. They are the type of products that have the best health properties.

Keratin can come from either animal sources like sheep wool, or plant sources like Gossypium Herbaceum. Either way, hair will look full and thick with application.

How Do Hair Fibers Work?

The simple scientific foundation is that opposites attract. Human hair has a positive ionic charge, which means the hair fiber must be made from a keratin source that is of a negative ionic charge so that they bind together properly. With this information in hand, this breakdown demonstrates why some hair fibers are better than others:


  • Keratin from human hair = ( ) positive charge
  • Keratin from sheep wool = ( ) positive charge
  • Keratin from plant source = ( ) negative charge*

*Keratin with a negative charge will act as a magnet when it comes in contact with your hair. Based on the breakdown above, keratin from a plant source will stick most efficiently.

Top 5 Hair Fiber Checklist for Quality Control

What matters most when you want to encourage thick, full, healthy hair growth? Confidence. Finding products that can help restore confidence is key.

Hair fibers are designed to attach to your natural hair, which is why they have the ability to look very natural. There are few alternatives healthy appearance.

Finding a quality hair fiber can be intimidating. With some good old-fashioned research, we've compiled a comprehensive list of what to look for when shopping for quality hair fibers:

  • Natural Fibers - A fiber made from keratin that comes from a plant-based source is the most effective and sustainable, and is safe to use on the scalp for prolonged periods of time. Also, a plant source like Gossypium Herbaceum has a negative ionic charge and will bind more seamlessly to positive-ion-charged human hair. This prevents the product from simply resting on the scalp and falling out later.*
  • Color variety for customization - The world isn't in black and white, and neither is your hair, so why should your hair fibers be?*
  • No artificial dyes - Hair fibers dyed with natural coloring agents will be comfortable on your skin when applied directly.*
  • Silica is not ideal - Though many fiber formulas include this ingredient, it is not ideal for the respiratory system when breathed in over any length of time.*
  • Money-back guarantee - We all need insurance. A satisfied customer won't think twice about giving up a quality product but it's important to know that you have the option to return if it's not for you.*


Our answers are based on quality products that we've researched ourselves.

  1. Will the fiber rub off if you touch it? No, a quality hair fiber will never simply rub off by touch. However, prolonged rubbing of the scalp may reduce coverage.*
  2. Can you swim with it? Swimming with a cosmetic hair filler is not recommended. You may potentially lose some or all of its effectiveness.*
  3. Will it run in the rain or if I sweat? Though fibers do wash out in the shower, rain and perspiration will not make the product run. It may become lighter in coverage but nothing will indicate that you have a concealer on your scalp.*
  4. Will it help promote hair growth? Hair fibers are not permanent tools to fortify the hair shaft and force it to grow thickly and fully. It will not inhibit any new growth. It is a day-to-day, temporary, cosmetic thickener for the fullness of your hair. Hair fibers are completely safe to be used in conjunction with hair vitamins, shampoos, and serums that can offer more permanent benefits.*

Top 5 Hair Fibers of 2019

Based on our own extensive research, the metrics provided by our Smarter Reviews Ranking System, and consideration of numerous reviews by Smarter Shoppers just like you, we've compiled a list of what we've found to be the top five products in 
this category, on the market today.