Product Review: Garden Of Life RAW Probiotics Review

Smarter Reviews Takes a Look at RAW Probiotics by garden of life

The diet industry is booming, causing many different brands to compete with each other. It’s easy to mistake effectiveness of a product with good marketing. With the marketing industry being as savvy as it is, it is important to look beyond the fancy labels, commercials, and ads. Before purchasing from any of these brands it's important to look at ingredients, side effects, clinical studies, customer service, and reviews. Here we’ve taken the time to put together an in-depth review of one of these companies, Garden of Life. 

Founded in 2000, Garden of Life was made with weight management, meal replacement, digestive health, and overall wellness in mind. All of their products can be purchased through their official website, where you can also find helpful videos and articles. 

Formula and Ingredients

Garden of Life sells probiotics, multivitamins, green powders and protein shakes. Products made by this brand are GMO-free and are used with ingredients like plant protein, digestive enzymes, vitamins, minerals, seed sprouts, as well as fruits and vegetables. 

RAW Probiotics Ultimate Care contains 100 billion live cultures and 34 probiotic strains, more than most supplements we've seen. They also include protein-digesting enzymes and prebiotics to support healthy colonization in the gut. 

Product Guarantee

Although they make it clear that results using their products will vary with each person, they’ve made few other guarantees. They promise that they use real foods, and never synthetic chemicals. Their products are made by hand, grown in organic non-GMO soil, harvested when ready and turned into food supplements. This company advertises that you can trace every ingredient in their products. 

Product Pricing & Value

None of the Garden of Life products seemed to be priced to break your pockets. The products are moderate, with the most popular items ranging from $20-$45. RAW Probiotics nears the top of the spectrum, and as of publication, one bottle costs $41.

Product Effectiveness

Due to their large selection, reviews on the effectiveness of Garden of Life products varies. Reviews for their multivitamins have been mostly positive, with users saying they feel great, after taking one every day. While reviews for their protein shakes aren’t so great, with customers unhappy with the taste of it, the RAW Probiotics reviews were mostly positive. Users said the probiotics were effective and potent. 

Customer Satisfaction

The majority of customer concerns are about the flavor of the Garden of Life Probiotic products. A number of customers have commented about the unpleasant taste, causing them not to take it regularly as suggested. Some chalked this up to the natural ingredients in the products. There were also some alarming reviews in regards to negative side effects. Some negative effects that were stated by customers were diarrhea, nausea, constipation, gas, and headaches. With a bad taste and terrible side effects, users were unable to see its full effectiveness, as they were unable to take it regularly. 

Final Thoughts

What’s the bottom line? Do you absolutely need RAW Probiotics? Well, let’s look at all the facts. They aren’t difficult to purchase, and they are easily obtainable through the web. If obtained through the company website you will also find that they offer a customer satisfaction guarantee. If you look elsewhere online, you will find customer reviews and comments fairly easily. 

Our reservations with Garden of Life RAW Probiotics lies in the unpleasant taste and negative, and possibly harmful side effects. Headaches and diarrhea aren’t things that should accompany your probiotic. These side effects are especially worrisome because there isn't much research on these specific strains. They redeem themselves in that they are labeled USDA organic, low in sugar and free of genetically modified organisms. 


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