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Don't Waste Money on Another Useless Eye Cream

The age-defying industry, with emphasis on eye creams, is an astonishing $80 billion industry and has been predicted to rise upward to $114 billion just this year alone!

Throughout the years, beauty companies have been saturating the market with thousands of chemically induced eye creams that are made with cheap, synthetic ingredients that can make you look great for a few days but then quickly wear off.* With more and more women looking for the next "miracle cream", money-driven companies will sell and promise you anything.* That is why we at Smarter Reviews have decided to get our hands dirty, and start digging around to find out the truth (with a little help from Smarter Shoppers like you).

Eye creams and serums are the tools of choice for men and women who are striving to maintain healthy looking, radiant skin. Though all skin should be treated with tender loving care, the skin around your eyes is arguably the most precious. It is an area that needs considerable attention, proper hydration, and adequate nourishment.  2*

Just any ol' eye cream is not going to be good enough. Eye creams are a beneficial part of all beauty regimens but you don't want to use just anything.

Top 5 Myths About Eye Creams

We are not going to tell you that eye creams are like a magical youth potion. They're not. If there was such a product, trust us, we'd be the first to break the news. But the truth is that an effective eye cream can very well be your secret weapon to a radiant and youthful look. Before you go out and buy your next eye cream though, there are some crucial facts you need to keep in mind first.

  • MYTH: You only need one facial cream.
    FACT: The type of skin around your eyes can differ from that of the skin on your face. More than likely, the skin around your eyes is drier and perhaps more sensitive. You may prefer a skin care regiment for around your eyes.
    1, 2*
  • MYTH: Eye creams do all the work for you.
    FACT: An excessive lifestyle speeds the progression and appearance of dark circles and lines. A quality eye cream can only be an accessory to healthier lifestyle choices like restful sleep, a healthy diet, and a peaceful routine.
    2, 3*
  • MYTH: Oily skin doesn't need any more moisture.
    FACT: If the skin around your eyes is oily you may think that a moisturizing eye cream may make you look oilier. This is incorrect. A formula that has the right ingredients can be beneficial for all skin types, giving your skin a balanced look.
  • MYTH: You don't need to apply SPF underneath your eyes.
    FACT: Every inch of your skin should be protected with SPF, and this includes the skin around your eyes. Eye creams that offer mineral-based SPF protection like zinc oxide can be most effective when applying for skin protection.
    4, 5*
  • MYTH: Only use eye creams when you have dark circles or lines.
    FACT: Eye creams and serums are part of an ultimate skin care regimen. As we age, our skin tends to produce less collagen. A quality eye cream is designed to reduce the appearance of fine lines/dark circles, and promote skin clarity. 

Crucial Ingredients to Look for in Your Eye Cream:  2, 4, 6*

These all-natural ingredients make a quality eye cream work overtime to give you the appearance you seek. We recommend using an eye cream for at least six months before putting it to the "before and after" test.


  • A low dose of this ingredient can assist with brightening the appearance of dark circles gently enough for the skin around your eyes.*

Hyaluronic Acid

  • This moisturizing ingredient works hand-in-hand with retinol. A combination of these two ingredients makes eye creams a perfect choice for delicate skin types.*

Vitamin C

  • Vitamin C is a friend to collagen that helps to reduce the appearance of dark circles and fine lines.*

Kojic Acid

  • This is a natural skin appearance brightener for deep dark circles that have a tendency to make us look tired when we may not be.*

Top 5 Eye Creams of 2019

Based on our own extensive research, the metrics provided by our Smarter Reviews Ranking System, and consideration of numerous reviews by Smarter Shoppers just like you, we've compiled a list of what we've found to be the top five products in 
this category, on the market today.