CoQ10 supplements are fast becoming the most popular path to whole-body health. These coenzymes can boost immunity, support heart health, and increase energy levels without any major side effects, making it one of the most effective and safest supplemental therapies on the market today. 

But what exactly is CoQ10, and do we really need a supplement for it? More importantly, which products are safe to use, and which should we avoid? 

We’ve compiled months of research about CoQ10 and its profound effect on our wellbeing. This quick guide will help you discover everything you need to know to make the most informed decision about your CoQ10 supplement needs.

What Is CoQ10 And Is Taking A Supplement Beneficial? 

Coenzyme Q10, or CoQ10, is a molecule that our bodies make naturally. It helps every cell in our body create energy, and it also functions as a powerful antioxidant. As a coenzyme, it supports enzymes in their various functions. 

Though you can find CoQ10 in every cell of your body, it's generally more common in organs with higher energy requirements. These include your heart, liver, and kidneys. CoQ10 helps boost energy in these organs, but it's not limited to just that.

This is a short list of what CoQ10 does for our bodies on a daily basis:

CoQ10 Has The Power To:

Maintain Heart Health

Boost Energy

Enhance Immunity

Support Muscle and Bone Strength

Regulate Blood Sugar

Enhance Blood Flow & Protect Blood Vessels

Protect Cells From Free Radicals 

Maintain Brain Health

Aside from our own naturally occurring CoQ10, we can get small quantities of coenzymes from oily fish, whole grains, and beef heart. Beef heart is a potent source of CoQ10 (113 mcg/g), but it still amounts to less than one serving of a generic supplement.

Ultimately, food sources just don't give us the minimum CoQ10 serving size suggested for real benefits. 

To add to that, our bodies produce less CoQ10 as we age. That's why it's critical to supplement your normal diet with a safe, high-quality CoQ10 product that will deliver the potency you need.

Unfortunately, with so many products to choose from, sometimes it's difficult to know what to look for, and what to avoid. Here are our suggestions: 

What Not To Do When Buying A CoQ10 Supplement

Forget the Research

Many shoppers believe that it doesn't matter which CoQ10 supplement they choose. This is not the case. Many of them contain ineffective and potentially harmful additives, such as artificial fillers and colors. Binders, including magnesium stearate, chromium, and silicon dioxide, are other infamous additives to avoid.

Rely on Amazon Reviews

Millions of Americans look to Amazon reviews before purchasing their products, but most don’t realize that up to 60% have been paid for. Some disreputable, fly-by-night companies compensate individuals for positive reviews, regardless of whether they've tried the product or not. Risking your health with reviews that are likely false is too dangerous a game to play when you’re choosing an ingestible supplement.

Prioritize Price Over Quality

We found that many generic CoQ10 supplements don't contain the right serving size for optimal results. It's critical to look at ingredients first and price second. Your health is more important than the cost of a product. 

What You Should Look For In A CoQ10 Supplement

Based on our research and feedback from our Smarter Shoppers, these are the things to look for in an exceptional CoQ10 supplement. 

Clinically Proven Potency

In clinical studies, the amount of CoQ10 proven to be effective ranges between 100-200 mg per serving. 

Delivered In Gel Caps

Our bodies can't easily absorb tablets composed of powdered CoQ10, so we suggest finding a supplement that delivers your coenzyme inside gel capsules. 

Quality Product Guarantee

You need time to try any product, especially CoQ10. A company that's confident in its CoQ10 will offer, at minimum, a 100% 45-day product guarantee

ubiquinol vs. Ubiquinone

CoQ10 comes in two forms: ubiquinol, the reduced antioxidant form, and ubiquinone, the oxidized form. One can be processed into the other through either the loss or gain of electrons. 

Some brands claim that supplements containing ubiquinol are better because they provide that direct source of antioxidant power. Their argument is that they "bypass" the process of turning ubiquinone into ubiquinol, however, this isn't necessarily the case. Our bodies can easily convert one form into another on their own. 

The reality is, ubiquinone is the original and more clinically tested form. We found that it has been more thoroughly tested and shows positive long-term effects.

Our research found that ubiquinone is the safer, and more clinically studied choice. 

Our Specialized Ranking System

At Smarter Reviews, we employ a comprehensive evaluation system to analyze and measure the full value of products, by looking at the ingredients, clinical studies, safety, projected effectiveness, return policies, and overall customer satisfaction. This method is known as the Smarter Reviews Ranking System.

Top 5 CoQ10 Supplements of 2019

We've compiled a list of what we've found to be the top five products in this category, on the market today.