Millions of Americans every year struggle with a fungal infection caused by an overgrowth of candida. And when gone untreated, it can lead to a wide variety of problems such as exhaustion, brain fog, increased sugar cravings, bad breath, urinary tract infections, and indigestion — to name a few.

Fortunately, one of the best ways to treat this fungal infection is to take a candida supplement that can help fight the overgrowth, as well as re-balance and repopulate your gut with good bacteria and other healthy compounds.

But beware — not all candida supplements were made equal. Some poorer quality supplements available on the market are full of ineffective ingredients and confusing labels. That’s why we’ve put together this guide, to help you spot deceiving marketing tactics when shopping for a candida supplement.

Avoid Weak Probiotic Strains

When you have a candida overgrowth in your gut, it could crowd out the good bacteria, so it’s vital to find a supplement that also contains the right kind of clinically-studied probiotics.

However, many brands will fill their candida supplements with low quality probiotic strains that haven't been clinically studied. These strains will do little to nothing to help repair your gut after a fungal infection.  

And don't be fooled by high dosages of these probiotics — cramming more of these low quality strains doesn't mean they'll somehow become effective. 

Beware of "Proprietary Bends" 

A telltale red flag is when a label uses the term "proprietary blend." Many popular supplement brands will use proprietary blend instead of listing each itemized ingredient. 

Often these proprietary blends will contain quality ingredients, but the label will leave out the dosage. And by not knowing the dosage of each ingredient, you run the risk of taking a a candida supplement that’s been diluted with fillers and cheap ingredients. 

Not Enough Digestive Enzymes

Digestive enzymes — in particular protease and cellulase — help break down yeast cells into waste, so your body can easily eliminate them. Without the extra help from these two powerhouse digestive enzymes, it becomes very difficult for our bodies to combat the candida overgrowth.(1)

However, many candida supplements will skimp out on the amount of digestive enzymes they use. So even though a candida supplement will use the good kind of digestive enzyme strains, there’s not enough of it to actually help your feel better. That’s why it’s important to look for a supplement with about 25,000 HUT of protease and 3,200 CU of cellulase.

What Out For Fillers And Additives 

Be careful of candida supplements that list filler ingredients such as silicon dioxide, gelatin, and magnesium stearate.

The fillers are used to help bind ingredients together and essentially lubricate the supplements, so they won’t gum up when they run through the manufacturing machines. They sometimes even make the supplements look more visually appealing. These fillers add no nutritional value and in some cases can become toxic.

The Bottom Line

Trying to treat a candida fungal infection can be a frustrating experience — from struggling with all the unpleasant symptoms to finding the right solution. That’s why we, here at Smarter Reviews, are dedicated to helping you cut through all the clutter and find the best quality candida supplements, so you can finally start to experience relief.

So be sure to click the link below to see which 5 candida supplements met our rigorous standards.

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