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The Best Probiotic For Improved Energy & Mood + 3 Easy-Relief Tips

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Your Result: Complete Probiotics Platinum™

Complete Probiotics Platinum™ by 1MD Nutrition™

Probiotic with high dosages of all three key energy support strains & more

Promotes Energy & Focus

Supports Consistent Wellness

Helps Prevent Gut Issues

Why Complete Probiotics Platinum™?

You mentioned fatiguebrain fog, or moodiness.

Your body needs lots of nutrients to stay energetic, focused, and positive. Healthy gut bacteria help us extract these nutrients from food. This makes probiotics an excellent way to promote energy. However, it takes three very specific strains of bacteria.

Complete Probiotics Platinum™ is the only probiotic that has all three key ingredients out of the 72 products we analyzed. We'll discuss these three unique ingredients more below.

Your symptoms scored medium to mild.

You mentioned occasional dips in energy becoming a distraction. Probiotics with dosages above 40 billion CFU provide the quickest results for your severity range, based on our research.

Complete Probiotics Platinum™ provides 51 billion, making it one of the few probiotics on the market suited to your specific case.

You want lasting support.

Only very precise formulas can help you get long-term freedom from digestive distress. Complete Probiotics Platinum's creator, board-certified gastroenterologist Dr. David Kahana, made the only formula that matches our strict criteria.


Your Gut Issue: Nutrient Absorption

Our bodies need a wide variety of nutrients to maintain high energy, focus, and consistent mood. However, age, stress, and antibiotic use can wear down helpful bacteria responsible for extracting these nutrients from food. Based on your responses, your digestive bacteria may be in need of support.

To help you get the consistent well-being you deserve, we've prepared you this personalized guide: three simple tips, three bacterial strains, and one perfect supplement for supporting optimal digestion.

The Solution: Nutrient Absorption Bacteria

Helps Increase 3 Key Nutrient Types 

This Lactobacillus substrain helps extract a variety of nutrients from meat:
Proteins that the body needs for sustained energy
Fats that help the brain maintain calm and focus
Minerals that promote consistent, positive mood

Critical for Lasting Energy & Cravings

This substrain produces amylase, a digestive enzyme that breaks down starches like bread, bananas, and potatoes. This promotes energy and freedom from cravings.

Supports Vitamin & Mineral Absorption 

Plantarum L23P supports digestion of vegetables. This helps supply your body with vitamins and minerals, which are essential for bodily comfort and mental clarity.

Try These 3 Relief Tips Yourself

#1: Avoid "Repetitive Eating"

Eating a variety of foods stimulates digestive bacteria. This helps bacteria produce more nutrients, supporting calm and focus. We recommend trying out a new food every week.

If you've never tried kefir, a tasty probiotic drink, it's a great place to start!

#2: Eat Tasty Prebiotic Foods

Prebiotics are special nutrients that feed your digestive bacteria.

Certain foods are rich in prebiotics.

Help your digestive bacteria work their hardest by enjoying some of these delicious prebiotic foods.

Roasted Garlic
Caramelized Onions
French Bread or Sourdough
Organic Hot Cocoa
Roasted Broccoli


#3: Seek Out Tailored Digestive Support

Adventurous eating and enjoying prebiotic foods is a great start. However, a tailored probiotic solution with L. salivarius L10S, L. acidophilus L61A, and L. plantarum L23P is the most effective to quickly get the energy and wellness you deserve.

With so many probiotics out there, it can be hard to find one that meets these criteria. That's why Smarter Reviews analyzed 74 of the top probiotic supplements, identifying the three best-suited to promote optimal digestion.

The Best Probiotic for Consistent Wellness

Complete Probiotics Platinum™ by 1MD Nutrition™

Probiotic with high dosages of all three digestive substrains & more

Promotes Energy & Focus

Supports Physical Comfort

Helps Maintain Gut Health

With 51 billion total CFU of each key digestive substrain and 8 more, Complete Probiotics Platinum is perfect for those seeking to rapidly promote consistent physical and mental wellness. Its supporting strains each hold key roles in nutrient breakdown, making it the most robust, tailored solution we could find.

This doctor-formulated probiotic also provides two prebiotics, including clinically studied NutraFlora(R).

Complete with robust doses of all three key digestive substrains, a wide array of supporting strains, and complementary prebiotics, Complete Probiotics Platinum is a perfect match for your specific gut needs. It even comes with a 90-day money-back guarantee.

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 Also Good 


by Live Conscious

Both matching substrains and an above-average dose, but lacking prebiotics

Live Conscious' 45 billion CFU dosage spans 12 unique strains including all three digestive substrains mentioned above. It's a strong choice for those seeking better energy and less brain fog.

However, its lack of prebiotics is a major shortcoming. Without that critical nutrition, the many excellent strains included in Pro-45 may have a difficult time successfully colonizing the gut. Those looking for better energy and mood may see some results, but they might not be as quick or noticeable as with more robust probiotics. 

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 Average Digestive Support 

Primal Probiotics

by Primal Harvest

Reasonable dosages, strong diversity, and good prebiotics, but not a perfect match for your needs

Primal Probiotics brings 12 strong strains of bacteria in its 30 billion CFU dosage. Containing each of the bacterial families we mentioned above and backing them up with three prebiotic nutrients, this supplement is reasonably well-formulated to support optimal digestion.

However, it doesn't reveal which specific Lactobacillus substrains it uses. As a result, it isn't clear whether its strains will carry out the particular functions you need. Moreover, its relatively low dosage might deliver underwhelming results.

That said, of all the supplements we reviewed, Primal Probiotics certainly stood out as a match.

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Congratulations on taking the first step toward a comfortable, confident, and healthy future. We hope this guide helps in your journey.

- Smarter Reviews