The health of your child starts in the womb. What we eat and take as supplements during these crucial months is important for our child's development. What happens outside of the womb? Studies show that your child's diet and nutrient intake becomes crucial for continuing the healthiest growth and development of organs and keeping them functioning at optimal levels. The most important organ? The brain.

What is the key nutrient to protect and nurture your child's brain?

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Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Omega-3 fatty acids are among the most important nutrients that Americans are lacking in their diets. DHA, an omega-3 fatty acid, is like brain food and is naturally found in breast milk. Babies get this vital brain cell strengthening nutrient from their mother's milk or formulas that have it included.

It is important for children to have adequate amounts of DHA in their early years. DHA supports the healthy development of function of the eyes and brain. Although this nutrient is important through all stages of life, health professionals deem the most important to be from birth to five years of age, when the brain's mass increases 3.5 times*.

DHA's provide support for:

  • Normal cognitive functioning (brain power)*
  • Brain and eye functioning and development*
  • Heart health*
  • Healthy memory*

Woman who are pregnant should supplement with a microalgae aka golden algae based DHA. These supplements are usually taken throughout the duration of their pregnancy. The increase of this nutrient has shown to improve the health and development of a baby's brain in comparison to those mothers who did not take the supplement. Mothers who will breastfeed will be supplying their babies with DHA naturally through their milk. If breast milk is not an option, mothers should choose a formula that includes DHA*.

Children should consume a diet rich in omega-3 fatty acids but because of various factors. that is more difficult to do with some children than others. In any case omega or DHA supplements for kids can provide the balance that parents want in their children's diet when concerning this vital nutrient. Look for an all-natural supplement that is made from a sustainable source like yeast or golden algae. Avoid supplements that are fish oil based, blue-green algae based, or chlorella based*.