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The Truth About Hair Fibers and How They Can Work For You


Top 5 Hair Fiber Myths*

The ads may seem too good to be true. It's the temporary miracle that a lot of men and women are getting into. Hair fibers may have a bad rap but there's a lot of good coming from people who have actually used it as a quick fix. Here's some assumed truths about hair fibers that needed to be set straight.

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    1. Hair fibers is just a powder with color - They are actually tiny static charged, complex fibers that are plant based. A quality hair fiber product will be made of natural keratin fibers which have a very close molecular structure to our hair, skin, and nails.
    2. Only men can use them - This works wonders for women with thinning hair or patches of missing hair due to damage or genetics. Whether you are gradually losing hair or are in a stage of regrowing your hair or making it healthier, much like makeup, hair fibers are a great cosmetic tool that can help at any stage.
    3. It won't look natural - The material compound of hair fibers and ability to magnetize themselves to hair give them a very natural look. Especially if the color of the fibers match with your natural hue or color-treated hair. A good product will offer various colors for clients to try and match to their hair. It will also work with almost every hair texture from kinky to straight.
    4. It's a chemical that will only cause further hair loss - It is a natural fiber that for the most part is taken from plants. It will neither regrow hair nor make hair fall out.
    5. It is difficult to useNo need for training for the use of this product. A simple "salt-shaker" motion over your problem area disperses the product. Shake until you have evenly coated your scalp. Gently press down the fibers and top with a light coating of hairspray to make them last longer.

    An easy and painless hair loss concealer with instant gratification? If toupees and hair plugs are not for you, we think this is a great way to ease into hair loss or male pattern baldness.These will also work alongside any treatments, side-effect free. The reality is that your hair may be thinning or you may be going bald but think of these magnetic lifesavers as the key to a solid transition.

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