As a parent we hate seeing our children in pain. Your baby comes to you hurting with no cuts or bruises evident and no broken bones. So, what is causing them such pain and discomfort? Digestive and intestinal problems like gas, diarrhea, and constipation can cause anyone a lot of hurting. The tips below should prevent your child from feeling any future intestinal discomfort*.

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Tricks for Overcoming and Stopping Tummy Troubles

Water, Food & Fiber

Some kids are picky eaters but most enjoy the sweetness of fruit, which is an amazing source of gut soothing fiber. Feeding your kids an abundance of whole fruits, fruit packed smoothies, dried fruit snacks and fruit purees on a daily basis will help aid and prevent further intestinal discomfort or pain*.

The key is to make sure the fruit is ripe and ready to eat. Unripe fruit will tend to cause constipation or bloating, so make sure your bananas are super spotty and your peaches are soft to the touch.

Eat fruits before eating heavier vegetables (potatoes) and other carbs (rice, pasta, bread). Fruits, especially those high in water content, are digested more quickly. It's ideal to keep your child's fruit intake restricted to only in the mornings and afternoons, especially those children with sensitive stomachs. This is ideal for smooth digestion*.

The same can be applied to individuals of any age. Eliminating heavy and rich foods close to bedtime will also help with any symptoms of bloating and gas*.

Easily digestible foods like rice, crackers, pasta and toast are foods that are especially good for children who are experiencing nausea. Look for rice crackers and pasta made of rice or corn for optimal digestion. They will keep these types of foods down easier, until symptoms have subsided.

Above all, teach your child how important it is to drink water. Water is an important part of intestinal and gut health. Start off their day with about 16 oz of water and make sure they are getting enough of it throughout the day.


Get your kids moving to get things moving for them. A healthy amount of daily physical activity will work to get the digestive system in check. Kids enrolled in an afterschool sports programs have the upper hand but something as simple as a bike ride, a walk, or some rigorous play time at the park can be just as beneficial*. Habits like this will set them on the right track well into adulthood as well.


This word is fast becoming familiar and the choices at the supermarket from drinks, yogurts, and foods, is overwhelming. An abundance of research has shown that dairy is simply not the right probiotic source to a healthy count of good bacteria in our guts, especially for children. Even worse, children that may have lactose intolerance, will only suffer from further intestinal discomfort. Adding all-natural probiotic supplements to your child's daily nutrient intake can help regulate any digestion and intestinal problems*.

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