Smackers, kissers, yaps; your lips help you say things you'll regret, show how much you care about someone, and flash that amazing smile. As of late celebrities have been showing up on the red carpet and in their selfies with bee-stung pouts. What is it all worth? Most celebs go under the knife for something more permanent or get lip fillers injected into their lips by a doctor every few months. Most of us, don't feel the need for such permanence, plus needles and knives don't sound entirely appealing.

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Your Lips

Lips are one of a kind and human lips are even more unique. Everything from the vermillion border to their function as a sensory organ, lips can say a lot about a person. Maybe this is yet another reason why we have become so aware of their shape and size.

Lips lose fullness with age due to several factors. Collagen is the key protein that gives our lips it's size and shape, big or small. With age our body makes less of this protein, causing our lips to thin out. Another cause of thinning lips are UV Rays from sunlight. Those who have spent a considerable about of time under the sun without protecting their lips properly will find theirs getting skinny. Protect your lips by using lip balms with SPF on a daily basis, rain or shine.

New & Improved Lips

The new generation of lip plumpers are more advanced and help plump lips better than their original counterparts. All-natural lip plumpers usually are made with ingredients that causes that notorious tingle, making blood to rush to the surface of our lips, and results in a humble plump appearance of the lips.*

However, lip plumpers should provide more than just a temporary tingle. Lip plumpers that combine natural ingredients,  and SPF serve a greater purpose for maintaining the health of your lips.* Finding a quality lip plumper is crucial for those who want instant gratification while keeping the integrity of their lips.

For most of us, using a safe and proven product is more attractive than going to extremes to alter our looks. The key is to protect and nourish lips while getting the desired effect. Combining a great lip plumper with some easy lip enhancing makeup tricks, will have you stepping out like Jessica Rabbit in no time.*

Lip Plumper With Highest Reviews Here