Just as mysterious as the country, the women of Morocco have remained a modest yet tough part of a society that is steadfast in discipline and focus. They have been in a very important cultural transition, where tradition is meeting modernity. Their resilience is proving to be the source of their beauty. We decided to do some homework and inquired about the Moroccan woman's beautification process. Then we realized, maybe she's born with it?

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    • The Flavor

    • The Moroccan diet is influenced by Mediterranean and African cuisine. Rich with fresh salads, vegetables, grains, healthy oils, and lean meats. Argan food oil is a popular oil used by Moroccans. It is drizzled over salads, couscous, and bread.
    • *Bonus recipe
    • The local favorite is an almond butter like paste called Amlou. It is made by grinding roasted almonds and mixing it with argan oil and honey. It is used as a dip or spread for bread and is a breakfast staple, usually enjoyed with tea. You may be able to find the prepared version at specialty food shops or online. The health benefits of eating virgin argan oil include preventing various cancer and obesity and improving cardiovascular health.
    • The Tea

    • Tea has amazing antioxidant and joint health-promoting properties. Moroccan ladies are drinking lots of it. Their go-to is peppermint tea which is full of healthful properties that benefit the skin, aid digestion, and boost metabolism.
    • The Beauty

    • Contrary to western beauty practices, Moroccan women opt for more natural and simple regimes. These beauty secrets have been passed down from generation to generation and are still used today.
    • The Hammam

    • A hammam is a steam room that is a customary weekly visit for Moroccan women. Here they cleanse themselves and use exfoliates, like black soap, on their skin. This ritual leaves their skin glowing and also makes time to socialize with neighbors and friends.
    • The Clay

    • Rhassoul is a mineral-rich clay that comes from the Atlas Mountains of Morocco. Its nutrient properties can pull impurities from the skin and is often used by Moroccan women as a daily facial cleanser.
    • The Eyes

    • Kohl is traditionally used as an eyeliner and mascara. Apart from genetics, it is what gives Moroccan women their striking and smoky eyes.
    • The Henna

    • The gorgeous designs and decorations created with henna are often seen on the hands and feet of Indian, North African, and Egyptian women. It is said to infuse their bodies with positive and healing energy to bring happiness in their lives. Variations of henna that are used for the hair are a natural and ammonia-free alternative to traditional hair dyes. It is used to bring shine with a slight tint of color to the hair.
    • The Oil

    • Moroccan women seem to get the benefits of argan oil both internally and externally; it shows. Argan oil or Moroccan oil is used all over the body as a moisturizer, healing oil, face cream, and hair conditioner. The omega-3 fatty acids found in this oil can help to strengthen cell walls and promote the production of collagen in the skin. Collagen is what makes your skin bouncy, plump, and firm. The youth restoration of strengthening cell walls also works on hair and nails to reinforce strength and growth.

Discovering these Moroccan treasures answered some of our questions, but we'll never know all their secrets. For now, we'll just be busy drinking tea and oiling up.

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