The rise of Oil Pulling For Health and Beauty

One of the health remedies to be used in the early 1990s as a form of healthy therapeutic ingredient for oral hygiene was oil pulling. It's doing even better today.

In fact, it has been around for centuries, but has now been given a light of attention in the health community.

Some health experts suggest it allows maximum results when regularly administered as a health remedy for various health ailments.

The oil pulling routine is considered in alternative medicine community as the balance of microflora restoration of cells, organ regeneration and tissues.

There are scientific research and studies which have proven that oil-pulling is effective for the health and certain ailments.

Even when there were not scientific or research evidence on the subject it was still being used centuries ago. It only came back into the health community a few decades ago.

A Modern Day Remedy

In "oil gargling", improving the chronic conditions of gum diseases and cavities is a form of oral health and chronic condition prevention.

This oil pulling therapy was used by Dr. F. Karach, M.D. in his medical practice in 1992.

The modern use of oil pulling therapy claims that doctors use it as part of various illness remedies.

Such healthy results used are for hormonal problems or cardiovascular diseases too.

Some digestive ailments can find refuge in oil pulling as well. Another healthy remedy used is sesame oil, coconut oil, and butter oil.

Traditionally, the ancient therapy includes sunflower and olive oil as well.

The Oil Swishing Process

The natural remedy procedure involves pulling or swishing oil in the mouth for oral and systemic health benefits.

How it works is the oil being moved around and through the teeth allowing particles, and such, to break down and attach itself onto the natural elements of the natural base oil.

For instance, coconut oil is one of the best to prevent streptococcus mutans, but it is also an acid-producing bacterium which is a common inhabitables.

In fact, the mouth is the major area these mutans like to attach themselves to. In this case, the mutans can cause tooth decay from binding and damaging tooth enamel while sitting on the teeth. Most organic in form, it works and has been used during ancient times.2.

Again, how it works is the vitamin enriched oil such as sunflower oil which is absorbed by mucous membranes while it's is being "swished" around inside the mouth.

The oil seeds are moved "to the necks of teeth and gums." It then absorbs the toxins and the removal of them from the body.2.

The main concept of this specific ancient practice is that the oil eventually "plucks or draws" out the bacteria, thereby preventing it from getting infected within the mouth.

Being a natural cleansing treatment, the friction of the oil creates that cleansing, scrubbing effect in the mouth and around the teeth and gums.

Thus, it dissolves these particles which is capable of removing toxins and compounds within the cavity of the mouth and the mouth in general.

Ancient Therapeutic Remedy

The Ayurvedic text Charaka Samhita where it is called Kavala Gandusha or Kavala Graha claims to cure about 30 systemic diseases ranging from a headache, migraine to diabetes and asthma. 2. The ancient ayurvedic remedy is cost effective and, thus, is also known as therapeutic oil swishing for many today. Traditionally, in the text (Charaka Sahita), it states that there are three main criteria of the health portion.

There are three types of substances:

  1. Jangam (meat) - This source are from animals meat, cells, milk, urine, honey, blood, skin, semen, feces, hair, horn, and nerves.

  2. Audhbidh - (earth origination) - This source are from tree bark, roots, leaves, fruits, vegetable milk (like Soya milk), vegetables, branches of the tree, jata of trees as well as other oils from flowers and seeds.

  3. Paarthiv - Other substances like Shilajit (i.e. iron and metals) are like gold, silver, sand, cement, gems, stones, salts, etc.

Healthy varieties of oil pulling show the three types of oils tested. Other oils include:

  1. Coconut 
  2. Sunflower seed 
  3. Castor 
  4. Cod Liver 
  5. Avocado 
  6. Cedar Nut 
  7. Canola
  8. Walnut 
  9. Black cumin seed

Some health ailments many health conscious individuals use it for and that it's recommended for are the following: bronchitis, eczema, headaches, chronic intestinal diseases, chronic blood disorders, arthritis, thrombosis, and other rheumatic diseases, stomach ulcers, heart, Nierenbe complaints, gynecological illnesses, neurological diseases, and liver diseases.

Easy-To-Follow Instructions

There are specific times when it is best to do this procedure. The best timed "oil-pull" can be done before breakfast or before drinking at anytime of the day.

Oral swish by mouth by taking 1 tablespoon of raw, cold-pressed oil of the oil type of your choosing. It should be taken by mouth for 15-20 minutes. This can be done 1 to 3 times daily (on empty stomach).

For those who would like to practice a healthy therapeutic remedy at home, it is considered a great oral health system. Expect for mucous to build up in the back of the throat, though.

In this case, clearing the mucous before reaching the full 20 minutes is sometimes needed. Continue to take another spoonful of oil until reaching the full 20 minutes. For oral and systemic health benefits, oil pulling three times daily is efficient enough to have a good health routine.

Finally, with the medical alternative medicine today, there is no scientific or medical equivalent of organic and healthy remedies such as oil pulling.

Final Thoughts

With these remedies, the best oils to use, as mentioned above, are the full form organic oils which have no preservatives and additives.

What is based off the natural health remedy and routine for individuals that need a home remedy for curing certain health ailments and illnesses, oil-pulling is an effective treatment when used the proper way.

With the right oil, regular routine and a belief in ancient alternative health treatments, oil-pulling can work for you.